A rendering of the 2024 Audi Q7 showcases the SUV’s upcoming second facelift

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The 2024 Audi Q7 is receiving an update for its upcoming model year. Numerous prototypes of the SUV have been spotted in public, covered in camouflage, especially at the front and rear. Motor.es has taken some of these spy images and created an unofficial rendering, providing a possible glimpse of the new Q7’s appearance. Once the official reveal takes place, we may see a design similar to the one depicted above.

This time around, we’re not discussing a brand-new vehicle. Despite being nearly a decade old, the current-generation Q7 will retain its existing framework. In the rapidly evolving realm of SUVs, this might be considered somewhat outdated.

Nevertheless, Audi intends to maximize the potential of this older platform by introducing a refreshed front design. The grille will be enlarged, while the headlights will be downsized, creating a more contemporary appearance.

Like many automakers, Audi is following the current trend, as depicted in the rendering. However, it offers its unique interpretation with a wider grille instead of a deeper one.

The headlights, although slimmer, are not as razor-thin as those found on vehicles like the BMW X7.

The wider grille design leaves less space for rectangular corner vents on the fascia, resulting in a vertical orientation for them. In the rendering, the grille showcases a large mesh pattern, seamlessly connecting with the lights through a painted surround. The overall aesthetic is characterized by a clean and geometric appearance.

Additionally, the rendering showcases a two-tone finish that extends along the lower side of the SUV. This detail is not merely speculative, as we have observed prototypes with camouflage wraps on the lower sections of the doors, indicating potential changes.

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Although the rendering does not reveal any alterations at the rear, spy photos indicate that new taillights are in the works. Given Audi’s track record with mid-cycle facelifts, it might require careful observation to identify the subtle differences.

From a technical standpoint, this could be categorized as a late-cycle refresh. The current-generation Q7 made its debut in 2016 and underwent a facelift in 2020. Considering Audi’s evident focus on electric vehicles, this second refresh will likely extend the lifespan of the combustion-powered Q7 until a fully electric replacement is prepared for launch.

Source : motor1.com