Pirelli introduces the P Zero Trofeo RS, its top-tier high-performance road tire

Pirelli launched the P Zero Trofeo RS, their latest high-performance semi-slick tire. Initially developed for Pagani Automobili’s Utopia, it is now available as an original equipment choice for sports cars and supercars.

Pirelli’s latest tire, the P Zero Trofeo RS, represents a technical evolution of the P Zero Trofeo R. It incorporates advanced tread compound materials, resulting in improved performance and consistency on dry surfaces.

This new generation of semi-slick tires offers extended grip for enhanced speed and safety during track sessions, while also ensuring safety on asphalt, even in slightly wet conditions. The tire’s development focuses on delivering longer-lasting performance and heightened levels of both speed and safety.

During the development of the P Zero Trofeo RS, Pirelli utilized cutting-edge technology derived from its involvement in elite motorsports to meet the requirements set by automakers such as Pagani.

An impressive result of this development is the incorporation of a multi-compound tread, enabling the tires to be customized to complement the unique characteristics of various vehicles.

This personalization is achieved by matching specific tread pattern compounds from Pirelli’s Prestige catalog to the respective cars, enhancing their performance and driving experience.

Pirelli also employed Virtual Geometry Development as another innovative tool during the tire’s development process. This approach empowered Pirelli’s engineers to evaluate numerous profiles and footprints through virtual modeling.

By combining this method with the multi-compound tread, Pirelli was able to enhance the precision of the P Zero Trofeo RS, resulting in improved responsiveness to driver inputs.

The Virtual Geometry Development process played a vital role in the development of the Pagani Utopia, extensively utilized before the initial prototype vehicles underwent track testing. Significant emphasis was placed on optimizing the contact patch to deliver unparalleled grip and control.

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In comparison to the originally requested P Zero Corsa tires, the P Zero Trofeo RS enhances the Utopia’s performance in extreme driving conditions while maintaining a superior driving experience on the road.

It offers improved ease of handling, predictability, and responsiveness without compromising the driver’s overall sensation.

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires are not only featured on the Pagani Utopia but are also available as original equipment (OE) on the Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

Additionally, Pirelli has future plans to make them available as aftermarket options for an extensive range of high-performance vehicles, including renowned brands like Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

Source : motor1.com

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