Cardiff University students demand deserving graduation

A petition for deserving graduation for Cardiff University students gains over 4,000 signatures.

Arrangements for graduation ceremonies at the Principality Stadium in July have sparked discontent among students who desire individual stage crossings.

Cardiff University is currently reviewing feedback and considering options before finalizing the graduation format.

Daisy Olyett, a third-year student at Cardiff University, expressed her shock upon learning that students’ names would not be read out individually during the graduation ceremony. She, along with the class of 2020 and 2021, is finally able to have a ceremony after the delays caused by Covid-19.

“We are extremely disappointed and frustrated as we have been eagerly awaiting our graduation ceremony for a long time.

She expressed her concern about the situation, highlighting that numerous individuals, especially those within her school, had their families making arrangements to attend the ceremony. However, now their names won’t even be announced, leaving them disappointed.

Kim, Daisy’s mother from Ludlow in Shropshire, expressed her appreciation for the Principality Stadium as a fantastic venue but expressed concerns about identifying Daisy in the crowd.

She expressed her disappointment, stating that it is disheartening not to have that special moment where the focus is solely on their child, allowing them to celebrate together as a family.

Molly Govus, 21, who completed her English language and literature degree last year, initiated the petition to advocate for the deserved recognition of students.

She emphasized that healthcare students, who had courageously served on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic, should receive acknowledgment and appreciation. Additionally, she expressed discontent with the current arrangements for the ceremonies, stating that they didn’t match the initial promises made to them.

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According to Cardiff University, they faced a significant logistical hurdle, especially considering the large number of students compared to other institutions. Pro Vice-Chancellor Claire Morgan stated in a statement that reading approximately 350 names takes at least one hour, but since each ceremony in Cardiff will accommodate thousands of graduates, it poses a considerable challenge.

In addition, she mentioned that they are actively exploring options to include a personalized element for every graduate throughout the day. This is to ensure that there is dedicated time for individual recognition and celebration.

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