EasyJet has canceled a total of 1,700 flights scheduled between July and September

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EasyJet has officially announced the cancellation of 1,700 flights, affecting travel plans for summer holiday-goers. The affected flights were scheduled during July, August, and September, specifically to and from Gatwick airport.

EasyJet attributed the cancellations to restricted airspace over Europe and persistent air traffic control challenges, leading to frequent flight disruptions. The company assured that 95% of the affected passengers have been successfully rebooked onto alternative flights.

EasyJet made the announcement in light of the upcoming summer holidays, coinciding with the break-up of many schools in England and Wales.

Aviation analytics firm Cirium has reported that July is expected to witness the highest number of UK flight departures since October 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

EasyJet stated that the number of flights departing from the UK this July would be approximately 11% higher compared to the same period last year.

The airline clarified that the cancellations account for roughly one day’s worth of flights, and it will still operate around 90,000 journeys throughout the specified period.

According to an EasyJet spokesperson, the entire airline industry is facing challenging conditions this summer due to airspace congestion caused by the closure of Ukrainian airspace amid Russia’s conflict, leading to flight disruptions.

Additionally, EasyJet highlighted the potential impact of planned strikes by air traffic controllers in Europe.

The EasyJet spokesperson elaborated on their proactive approach to mitigating potential travel disruptions by consolidating a few flights at Gatwick, where they operate multiple daily frequencies. This strategic adjustment to their flight schedule aims to minimize the impact of external challenges on the travel day for their valued customers.

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EasyJet is informing customers whose flights are affected by the cancellations, with 95% of them already being rebooked onto alternative flights. The airline is providing all affected customers with the choice to rebook their flights or receive a refund.

In the previous year, a significant surge in demand due to the relaxation of Covid travel restrictions coincided with significant staff shortages at airlines and airports, resulting in lengthy queues and flight cancellations.

Throughout 2022, over one-third of flights in the UK experienced delays. Although airlines and airports expressed that they were in a better position this year, they acknowledged that the situation in Ukraine and ongoing air traffic issues could potentially pose challenges.

The strikes conducted by French air traffic controllers have resulted in significant disruptions during the first half of 2023. As a consequence, Ryanair had to cancel a total of 650 flights in April alone.

Eurocontrol, responsible for managing flights across Europe, has revealed that one of its unions may engage in industrial action during the summer season. However, specific dates for the potential strike have not been announced at this time.

Popular holiday destinations such as Spain and Portugal have experienced disruptions in services from Northern Europe due to strikes conducted by air traffic controllers (ATC) in France, as noted by travel industry analyst John Strickland.

Source : bbc.com