Kim Jones Embodies Dior’s Heritage in New Menswear Collection

Kim Jones, in his fifth year as artistic director of Dior menswear, chose to break convention by opting for a different approach to conclude the fashion show.

Set in a specially constructed grey box within the expansive École Militaire complex, nestled behind the Eiffel Tower, the Dior menswear show featured an intriguing element as a line of models emerged from hidden trapdoors on the catwalk.

With remarkable poise, each model stood patiently in their designated spot until it was their moment to gracefully traverse the catwalk in a loop, only to return to their position and elegantly vanish once more.

Emphasizing the essence of the garments, Jones stated before the show, “It’s all about the clothes.” His innovative format ensured precisely that, allowing attendees such as Amber Valletta, Demi Moore, and White Lotus star Adam DiMarco ample time to appreciate each piece in both static and dynamic presentation.

Drawing from the rich archives of Dior, Kim Jones found inspiration in the iconic works of his notable predecessors. Sparkling gemstones adorned neat jackets, paying tribute to Christian Dior’s signature cabochons. Cropped ankle trousers nodded to Pierre Cardin’s 1940s influence.

Continuing his exploration of Yves Saint Laurent’s fluid silhouettes, Jones presented swishy duster-style coats and relaxed single-breasted jackets, building upon his reinterpretation from the previous season.

LVMH, the renowned French fashion conglomerate that holds ownership of Dior, has had a significant week.

Louis Vuitton, a luxury brand under the LVMH umbrella, made waves on Tuesday night as Pharrell Williams, their newly appointed creative director of menswear, showcased his debut designs. The event garnered attention with notable guests like Rihanna and Beyoncé in attendance.

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With a choir and a surprise post-show performance by Jay-Z and Williams himself, many attendees described the experience as more akin to a concert than a traditional fashion show.

Williams was not only present at Jones’s show on Friday but also signifies LVMH’s distinct approach to Dior. Jones’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident as he draws extensively from the house’s couture heritage, despite working on a ready-to-wear line.

The collection features notable elements such as tweed sweater vests and shorts, all referencing Dior’s renowned cannage stitching—a geometric braiding pattern that has been a hallmark of the house since its establishment in 1947.

The strategic blend of tradition and innovation has proven to be successful. Since Jones assumed his role in 2018, the men’s business at Dior has experienced more than a fivefold growth.

In January, the Christian Dior group reported a remarkable 23% increase in revenue and profit, with leather goods being acknowledged as a significant factor contributing to this growth.

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