New £30m hotel plans revealed for Blackpool Promenade

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The Fragrance Group, based in Singapore, has revealed its plans for a new four-star hotel worth £30 million on Blackpool Promenade.

The hotel, featuring 184 bedrooms, is proposed to be constructed on the site where the former St Chad’s Hotel once stood before its demolition in May.

The Fragrance Group, which already owns The Imperial Hotel and Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool, expressed its commitment to the area and belief in its long-term potential, according to spokesperson Martin Rogers.

After the closure of St Chad’s Hotel in 2021, the building has served as a training ground for both Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire Police.

Mr. Rogers further added that the old hotel was deemed inadequate for its intended use and refurbishment would have been uneconomical, as it would not have met the standards expected by today’s guests.

“The proposed plans involve an investment of around £30 million, aiming to stimulate further improvements along the Promenade and enhance the overall visitor experience in Blackpool.”

Architects are currently in the process of developing plans for the new hotel, as reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Blackpool Promenade is a renowned seaside promenade located in the town of Blackpool, Lancashire, England. It is a popular tourist destination known for its vibrant atmosphere and various attractions. Recently, plans have been unveiled for the construction of a new £30 million hotel on Blackpool Promenade.

The Fragrance Group is a Singapore-based company that has set its sights on constructing a four-star hotel with 184 bedrooms on the location where the former St Chad’s Hotel once stood. The St Chad’s Hotel was demolished in May to make way for the new development.

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The Fragrance Group is known for its investments in the hospitality industry and has previously acquired The Imperial Hotel and Lyndene Hotel in the Blackpool area. The company’s plans for the new hotel demonstrate its commitment to the region and belief in the long-term potential of Blackpool as a tourist destination.

The Fragrance Group already owns The Imperial Hotel and Lyndene Hotel in the area, showcasing their commitment to Blackpool’s long-term potential.

This proposed investment is expected to not only enhance the hotel offerings in Blackpool but also act as a catalyst for further improvements along the Promenade, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Architects are currently working on designing the plans for the new hotel.

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