This summer, women’s fashion is embracing the trend of men’s boxer shorts

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This summer, a surprising fashion trend has emerged on the high street, as boxer shorts typically reserved for men’s underwear drawers have now become a popular outerwear choice for women.

The recent heatwave has further propelled this trend, as the light and breezy nature of boxer shorts provides greater comfort in hot weather compared to other popular shorts options such as denim cut-offs or cycling shorts.

In addition, this trend offers affordable options. Uniqlo’s woven London-striped boxer shorts, priced at £7.90, have gained popularity, as well as the pack of three organic cotton stripe boxers available at John Lewis for £26.

Boxer shorts have gained traction among celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who have been seen wearing them. Moreover, on TikTok, styling videos featuring boxer shorts have amassed nearly 45 million views.

The origins of this trend can be attributed to the runway, specifically the Miu Miu show for spring/summer 2022, where boxer shorts were intentionally styled to peek out from the waistbands of skirts. Although the showcased designs came with a hefty price tag of £790, consumers can achieve a similar look at a fraction of the cost by shopping in the menswear department.

Fashion writer and stylist, Lauren Sherman, suggests opting for the practicality of Marks & Spencer’s pack of three pure cotton striped woven boxers, priced at £22. These boxers feature a button over the fly, reducing the risk of wardrobe malfunctions. Sherman also advises wearing nude knickers as an additional precautionary measure.

Another alternative is to explore boxer short-style shorts explicitly designed for women. Homme Girls boxer shorts, available in a pack of two for $95 (£75), have gained a cult following. Additionally, brands like Sporty & Rich and With Nothing Underneath offer women’s boxers priced below £60.

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According to John Lewis, sales of boxer-style shorts from women’s clothing brands have witnessed a significant growth of 53% compared to last year.

Pip Durell, a former Vogue stylist and the founder of fashion brand With Nothing Underneath, perceives women’s boxer-style shorts as an integral element of the current trend of effortless uniform dressing.

During the summer, white shorts are in high demand as they provide the ideal foundation for an outfit, regardless of one’s personal style or the occasion. According to Pip Durell, they possess the versatility to effortlessly complement any ensemble.

The market for boxer shorts extends beyond a specific gender. Speltham, which introduced its classic unisex boxers priced at £28.50 in early 2022, has experienced significant popularity. The product has sold out in most colors and sizes on the website, with last month’s sales being ten times higher compared to May of the previous year.

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