AI-powered collision repair technology has been introduced in Australia

AI-powered collision repair technology – Audatex and ENData, brands under Solera’s automotive technology and data platform, have launched Qapter VI, a new AI-powered collision repair technology in Australia.

Qapter VI, the newly introduced technology, aims to enhance automation and minimize cycle times by utilizing intelligent damage detection through guided image capture. By providing repairer estimators with an automatic initial assessment of vehicle damage, the system facilitates faster parts ordering, resulting in improved cycle times and a reduction in parts fraud. Ultimately, this technology offers cost-effective risk inspections.

Solera APAC Managing Director, Chris Iacovou, expressed enthusiasm for supporting the ongoing growth and digitization of the Australian automotive claims and vehicle repair industry. Iacovou acknowledged Australia’s strong reputation in these segments and emphasized Solera’s commitment to contributing to the market’s development.

AI-powered collision repair technology

According to Solera, the car insurance industry has experienced a 1.3% growth over the past five years, resulting in a revenue of $25.3 billion. With the increasing cost and complexity of repairs, it is anticipated that automation will gradually replace up to 50% of claims-related activities in the coming years, impacting both automotive insurers and repair services.

According to Mr. Iacovou, Solera’s solutions enable insurers, repairers, and recyclers in Australia to embrace digital transformation and enhance the overall customer experience.

As per his statement, customers now have an expectation for touchless claims and seek automated, precise, and efficient services for their vehicle claims and repairs.

He stated that the auto insurance and collision repair industries must embrace new technologies to enhance and streamline their services.

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In addition to Qapter VI, Solera is introducing a range of vehicle lifecycle services in Australia, considering it a crucial market in the brand’s worldwide expansion strategy.

Solera’s technology solutions encompass a wide range of sectors, including insurance claims, vehicle servicing, repairs, recycling, and property insurance claims. Their comprehensive suite of solutions caters to the diverse needs of the automotive industry, providing support across various stages of the vehicle lifecycle and insurance processes.

Notably, the company presently offers claims and supply chain management solutions to the leading five insurers in Australia.

Recently, an AI-powered collision repair technology has been launched in Australia. This innovative technology aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of collision repair processes.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and guided image capture, the system enables intelligent damage detection, reducing the need for manual assessments and speeding up the overall repair process.

The AI-powered technology provides automatic initial assessments of vehicle damage, assisting repairer estimators in determining the extent of repairs required. This enables faster parts ordering, reducing cycle times and minimizing delays in the repair process. Moreover, it helps in preventing parts fraud by ensuring accurate and reliable assessments.

The introduction of AI-powered collision repair technology in Australia is expected to bring automation and digitization to the automotive claims and vehicle repair sectors. By optimizing efficiency and reducing costs, this technology aims to improve the overall customer experience while supporting the growth and development of the automotive industry in Australia.

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