Ballymena mum concerned about family’s living conditions in mouldy social housing

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County Antrim woman expresses concern over health risks for her children due to black mould in their home.

A mother of three resides in a Northern Ireland Housing Executive property in Ballymena.

Despite raising concerns multiple times over the past three years, the woman has informed BBC News NI that the issue has been deteriorating.

The Housing Executive assured that they are actively addressing the issue and are dedicated to resolving the ongoing damp problems at the earliest opportunity.

To address the issue, the Housing Executive has already allocated £6,000 for various measures, such as installing new insulation, upgrading windows, eliminating mould, and providing dehumidifiers.

According to the anonymous woman interviewed by BBC News NI, the sight of mould on her ceiling greets her in the morning and accompanies her to bed each night.

Citing her fibromyalgia condition, the woman expressed that stress is a major trigger for her health, further emphasizing her concern for the well-being of her son in an interview with BBC News NI.

Expressing her distress, she stated, “The growth of mold in his room outpaces my efforts to remove it. This poses health implications, particularly since he is asthmatic.”

Her concerns escalated when she became aware of the tragic death of a toddler in England last year due to mold exposure. She shared, “It was devastating and frightening because I couldn’t help but think that my children were living in conditions similar to those the child had to endure.”

Expressing her frustration, she stated, “I have repeatedly informed the Housing Executive, the appropriate authorities, about this issue and yet it remains unresolved. It is extremely disheartening. Dealing with this problem has taken a toll on my mental well-being, to the point where I have even had thoughts of suicide. It’s an ongoing battle that feels incredibly overwhelming.”

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The Housing Executive announced in May that tenants in the Mid and East Antrim area might experience temporary delays in non-emergency repairs. This was due to the departure of a previous contractor, who ceased working for the housing body on April 30th.

The Housing Executive stated that urgent and emergency repairs would proceed as usual, while a new contractor is not expected to commence work until September.

Despite the lack of confidence in resolving the mould problem, the Ballymena mother anticipates another winter where gas usage will be high due to the persistent issue.

Describing the situation, the woman expressed, “My walls are literally crying with condensation. It’s a bleak and miserable situation.” The Housing Executive spokesperson assured that they have plans for extensive work to address the damp and mould issues in the house.

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