Manx Care has not made any new offer in the dispute over nurses’ pay

The CEO of Manx Care has stated that the healthcare provider is unable to provide a higher pay offer to nurses due to financial constraints.

Last month, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) voted in favor of initiating strike action.

Members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) rejected the most recent pay offer, which included a 6% increase and a £1,000 lump sum. Manx Care CEO Teresa Cope referred to this offer as the organization’s “best and final offer.”

She stated that the organization was already anticipating an additional overspend of £14 million in the ongoing financial year.

According to Ms. Cope, out of the £14 million in additional funding provided by the Treasury last year, £9 million was required to cover the awarded pay increases within that fiscal year.

Ms. Cope stated that the proposed “inflation-based pay increase of 6%, along with an additional consolidated offer of £1,000” would now be implemented.

“We acknowledge, recognize, and respect their decision to engage in industrial action,” she stated. “However, we are unable to provide any further offers at this time.”

She mentioned that Manx Care was collaborating with the RCN to “minimize the impact” of potential industrial action by the 550 union members working for the government-funded healthcare provider. The aim is to ensure that patients and services experience minimal disruption.

She expressed that the situation was challenging as it would be the second consecutive year of being involved in a pay dispute with one of their main staff side organizations, which is not an ideal position to be in.

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Ms. Cope mentioned that despite the challenges, the health body had made significant progress in recruitment and had successfully hired a considerable number of overseas nurses.

According to Ms. Cope, Manx Care had also made a commitment to double the number of student nurse positions in order to “cultivate our own heroes and provide training opportunities on the island.” She added that the organization would be submitting its funding requests for the forthcoming financial year within the next six weeks.

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