An employee involved in a workers’ compensation claim is caught double dipping

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A Qantas employee, who received over $120,000 in workers’ compensation while working as a supermarket warehouse storeman, has been sentenced to 220 hours of unpaid community work and ordered to repay the money.

In August 2018, Andy Tiet, 49, sustained a back injury after slipping on stairs while working as an airline service operator, as revealed in the Sunshine Magistrate’s Court last week.

After filing a compensation claim, Qantas, his self-insured employer, accepted it, resulting in Andy Tiet receiving regular weekly payments.

In June 2021, three years later, Qantas conducted surveillance on Tiet, revealing that he was spending prolonged periods at a supermarket warehouse in Laverton.

Qantas reported the matter to WorkSafe, leading to an investigation that uncovered Tiet’s receipt of $119,457 in compensation payments and $4,865 in superannuation from Qantas between August 2018 and July 2021.

During that period, unbeknownst to Qantas, Tiet was employed as a storeman and earning a gross income of nearly $200,000.

Tiet failed to disclose any injuries or physical limitations to his employer at the warehouse and continued to sign certificates of capacity, asserting that he was not engaged in any work.

Last week, Tiet pleaded guilty to a consolidated charge of obtaining financial advantage through deception and two consolidated charges of fraudulently obtaining payments.

As part of the Community Corrections Order spanning two years, Tiet has been mandated to complete 220 hours of unpaid community work. Additionally, he is required to reimburse Qantas with the sum of $124,322, which he had received in compensation and superannuation.

According to WorkSafe Executive Director Insurance, Roger Arnold, all instances of compensation fraud, including those involving self-insurers, are considered criminal acts under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act.

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Roger Arnold, the WorkSafe Executive Director Insurance, describes manipulating a system intended to assist vulnerable injured workers and their families as one of the most heartless actions someone can take.

Roger Arnold emphasizes that WorkSafe has the authority and determination to take action against anyone involved in fraudulent claims, whether they are directed towards WorkCover or a self-insurer.

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