Friday 10 February’s walkouts: How they’ll impact you

Ambulance workers in five regions in England will go on strike on Friday. Unison, the organizer of the action, clarifies that staff can leave the picket lines to attend emergency calls.

The NHS has experienced a challenging week with strikes impacting not only the ambulance service but also nurses and physiotherapists. NHS England reports that the industrial action has resulted in the cancellation of 137,000 non-urgent appointments in recent weeks.

On Friday, staff from 150 universities in the UK are also participating in a strike organized by the University College Union. The union reports that 70,000 staff members are taking part in the action.

For further insights into the reasons behind the strike action, you can read more or watch the report. Additionally, below, you’ll find information on how the strike may impact you.

Ambulance staff from the Unison trade union, representing nearly half of all ambulance workers, are going on strike on Friday in five regions: London, Yorkshire, the South West, the North West, and the North East.

The start times and durations of the walkouts differ among ambulance services, but most are expected to last for approximately 12 hours.

The strike will include all ambulance employees, including call centre and control room staff, not limited to emergency crews only.

During the strike, ambulances will still be dispatched to the most life-threatening calls categorized as Category 1, such as cardiac arrests. However, each NHS trust, in consultation with the union, will determine which calls receive a response.

The NHS advice is as follows:

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If you are seriously ill or injured, or your life is in danger, call 999.
For any other healthcare requirements, please reach out to the 111 helpline, your local GP, or pharmacy.

Attend appointments as scheduled. The NHS will get in touch with anyone whose appointment needs to be rescheduled due to the strike.

University and College Union (UCU) members will initiate another strike on Friday at 150 universities, continuing their action spread across 18 days in February and March. The strike involves academic staff and other professionals, such as administrators, librarians, and technicians.

In November, staff staged walkouts on three occasions, although the Universities and College Employers Association stated that it caused minimal disruption.

According to Universities UK, which represents 140 institutions, some universities extended coursework deadlines and rescheduled teaching.

If students are dissatisfied with the implemented measures, they have the option to voice their concerns through their university’s complaints procedure.

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