Teen arrested for stabbing teacher at Tewkesbury Academy

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Following a suspected stabbing incident at Tewkesbury Academy, a teacher is hospitalized while a teenage boy is in police custody.

At 09:10 BST, Gloucestershire Police responded to a call at the secondary school, where a male teacher had reportedly been stabbed by a teenager.

The school was initially placed under lockdown, but now pupils are being permitted to depart. The headteacher assured that all students were safe and unharmed following the “serious” incident.

Daniel, whose daughter is a student at Tewkesbury Academy, described his reaction upon learning about the incident as a “big scary affair.”

Describing the pupils who went through the incident, he expressed, “They were all scared, but my daughter displayed remarkable bravery. I’m extremely proud of her.”

Daniel mentioned that his daughter made a video call to him, during which he could see her teacher providing support to the entire class.

“He positioned himself right next to the door, barricading it with boxes, and managed to keep everyone calm, despite likely feeling scared himself,” he added, praising the teacher’s bravery and quick thinking.

According to a statement on the school website, pupils who obtained parental consent to leave early were permitted to exit the premises starting from lunchtime.

Parents who wish to collect their children are advised to wait at a nearby garden center, where the police will coordinate the process, ensuring that children are collected according to their respective year groups.

Additional buses will be available to transport pupils home earlier. However, any child who does not have consent to leave will be kept on the school premises until 3.25 pm.

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In a statement, Kathleen McGillycuddy, the head teacher of Tewkesbury Academy, acknowledged that the alleged attack had caused concern among the school community. However, she reassured families that all pupils were safe and in good health.

The Cabot Learning Federation, responsible for managing 20 academies, including Tewkesbury Academy, expressed gratitude to the staff, parents, and students for their patience and understanding during the challenging morning. Their thoughts were with the injured colleague, and they wished him a prompt and successful recovery.

Source : bbc.com