Latest MMGY Global survey highlights short-term trips, cannabis tourism, and other notable trends

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The most recent edition of the Portrait of American Travelers study by the research firm reveals that over three quarters of U.S. adults intend to go on a vacation within the next 12 months. Specifically, nearly half of all adults (48%) have plans to travel during the upcoming summer season.

Based on the latest findings from MMGY Travel Intelligence, the American tourism industry is poised for another exceptional summer in 2023, following substantial growth in 2022.

The most recent edition of the Portrait of American Travelers study by the research firm reveals that over three quarters of U.S. adults have intentions to embark on a vacation within the next 12 months. Notably, almost half of all adults (48%) are planning to travel during the upcoming summer season.

Chris Davidson, Executive Vice President of MMGY Travel Intelligence, affirmed that while certain sectors such as meetings/conventions and corporate transient travel are still facing challenges, the overall interest in travel among Americans remains extremely high.

Based on the survey conducted quarterly and involving over 4,500 U.S. adults, it was revealed that a majority of Americans now perceive travel as a direct expression of their self-identity.

Over half of the respondents (51%) agreed with the idea that the destinations they choose to visit convey a significant aspect of their personal identity.

Davidson commented on the concept of self-expression through travel, referred to as “identity travel,” highlighting that Americans are increasingly seeking destinations and experiences that align with their personal ideals and values.

This shift emphasizes the importance for marketers to understand this evolving mindset and effectively communicate and fulfill their brand values in order to attract like-minded individuals who share a similar perspective on life.

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Here are additional noteworthy findings from the “Summer Edition” of the Portrait of American Travelers:

  1. Increasing travel costs and inflation are leading to a higher number of people choosing not to travel in the short term. Almost 1 in 5 adults (20%) have no travel plans, a significant increase from 5% in 2021.
  2. Cannabis tourism continues to pique traveler interest, with over one-third of U.S. travelers expressing interest in participating in cannabis-related activities while on vacation. Additionally, 31% are intrigued by the potential complementary effects of cannabis on their culinary experiences.
  3. Road trips remain popular, although intentions have slightly decreased compared to the previous year. Setting a new record in the survey’s history, a significant 63% of travelers embarked on a road trip within the past year.
  4. Interest in international travel remains strong, especially as more Asia-Pacific countries become accessible to American travelers. Approximately 76% of active leisure travelers expressed interest in traveling abroad in the next two years, with younger generations, including Gen Zers (89%) and Millennials (84%), leading in this aspect.
  5. Hawaii leads the way in domestic travel interest, closely followed by popular destinations such as Las Vegas, California, the Florida Keys, New York City, and Orlando. In terms of international travel, Europe garners the highest traveler interest, followed by the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico.
  6. Bespoke travel experiences have become the new form of luxury travel. Only one-third of travelers earning over $100,000 per year consider themselves “luxury travelers.” Instead, the ability to curate and book unique adventures holds social currency. Additionally, 75% of travelers agree that the memories they create during vacations are more valuable than any material possessions purchased in the past year.
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