National Moving Day ensures continuous movement of trucks in Quebec

The tradition of Quebec’s National Moving Day on July 1, which originated from the era of rental properties with fixed terms mandated by the province, continues to be an exceptionally busy period for household movers in the region.

Andy Desormeaux, Jean-Philippe Ladouceur, and Gheorjhe Comsulea, employees of Montreal-based Meldrum the Mover, are well acquainted with this phenomenon.

Desormeaux, with 32 years of driving experience, including five years in the moving industry, Ladouceur, who has been delivering furniture for 12 years and working at Meldrum for four years, and Comsulea, with five years of experience, form an experienced team of truck drivers.

During other times of the year, they may often be engaged in long-haul deliveries to Eastern Canada and Ontario. However, during this period, they are closer to home, operating within Montreal.

On a scorching day, I accompanied the team as they relocated tenants from Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to their new residence in the Quartier des spectacles.

Comsulea expresses enthusiasm about working during the July 1 period, as it is a bustling time due to National Moving Day.

Despite the physically demanding nature of the work and lower pay compared to long-haul trucking, it allows them to remain in proximity to their homes.

Reflecting on his experience, Desormeaux shares, “Even after a 14-hour workday, there’s a sense of satisfaction in knowing I can stay in my hometown and go home, unlike when I’m on the road and have to rest at a truck stop in the bunk.”

However, there is no guarantee of consistent availability of such work. Ladouceur mentions, “Not too long ago, there were fewer moving jobs, resulting in less work for us. We always feel concerned when we receive a message stating that we won’t be working the next day.” Additionally, the winter season tends to be slower for movers.

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During the months of June to August, Meldrum experiences a significant surge in revenue, accounting for 70% of their total earnings. As a result, it becomes crucial for everyone to be prepared for the high demand. Meldrum mobilizes its entire workforce, consisting of 3,000 employees, on July 1 to meet the increased demands.

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