Tea-scented perfumes offer an aromatic and uplifting experience, akin to enjoying a refreshing brew

As someone who is undeniably obsessed with both perfume and tea, it’s rather surprising that it took me so long to find a fragrance that satisfies both cravings simultaneously. However, my quest ended last month when I received an early sample of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Media Cologne Forte (£110 for 35ml).

This fragrance, resembling a refreshing cold compress on a perspiring forehead, combines notes of iced matcha tea, effervescent citrus, crisp coriander, and delicate woods. It effortlessly transports my overheated mind to a tranquil spot in the shade, and I absolutely adore it.

After being captivated by Aqua Media, I embarked on a search for other tea-inspired fragrances that deliver a similar experience while being more affordable. Let’s begin with Elizabeth Arden, a brand that played a significant role in popularizing tea-themed scents.

Notably, their Green Tea eau de parfum, crafted by the esteemed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian himself, is available at a relatively lower price point, making it an enticing option to explore.

Aqua Media sparked my quest for affordable tea fragrances that deliver a similar experience. One notable option to explore is Elizabeth Arden, known for popularizing tea-themed scents. Their Green Tea eau de parfum, created by the renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian himself, offers a remarkable fragrance at a budget-friendly price.

For a slightly higher price, L’Occitane’s Thé Vert fragrance is a delightful choice. Despite a previous discontinuation, it has made a triumphant return due to popular demand. Thé Vert (£60 for 50ml) offers a cooling and organic scent, appealing to all ages and genders.

It evokes imagery of herbaceous borders, accompanied by warm, spicy nutmeg and the sweetness of delicate aromatic tea leaves. Notably, the fragrance doesn’t carry a strong green tea note, which is a relief for those who find it reminiscent of fish.

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A pleasantly surprising choice is Le Labo’s Thé Matcha 26 fragrance (£157 for 50ml). It deviates from expectations as it embraces a fruity character, reminiscent of Twinings fruit infusions rather than a typical strong tea.

Despite initial hesitations, the sweetness derived from figs is balanced by musk and the creamy essence of cedar wood sap. This combination is truly magnificent, with a gender-neutral appeal that exudes a calming and tactile sensation.

If you’re a fan of Le Labo’s popular Santal 33, Thé Matcha 26 serves as a lesser-known alternative that won’t disappoint. Le Labo also offers Thé Noir, a black tea fragrance with a more overtly seductive quality, though it falls slightly short in comparison to the others in my opinion.

For those who prefer an authentic, no-frills tea scent, The Library of Fragrance presents a straightforward and true-to-life fragrance called Black Tea. Priced at an affordable £21 for 30ml, it offers a realistic and consistent aroma that may be precisely your cup of tea.

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